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Ming Zuo

Ming Zuo

Ming Zuo

Rating: 9 / 10 from 9356 ratings
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    Ming Zuo
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    Hecheng Fengyue
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    Day Books
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2023-02-02 13:39:44
The old Dynasty is crumbling, and new ideas are in the ascendant the grass people in the North fight hard, and the smoke willows in the South sing and dance the iron hooves of foreign nations wreak havoc in the Central Plains, and the shadow of the west is approaching step by step holding 200000 troops, drinking horses and riding along the Yangtze River, he shamefully became a traitor to the nation now do it again. I don't want to repeat the same tragedy in China only by rising up and opening up a different future for the Chinese nation with iron and blood this is an era of chaos and everything is possible My name is Zuo Menggeng my father is Zuo Liangyu looking back, I want to make this history... turn left book friends group: 259818827, welcome to join the group for discussion!

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