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Han Qi

Han Qi

Han Qi

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    Han Qi
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    Red blood sprouting
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    Lava Novel
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2022-12-21 19:59:21
This is an era of despotism and lawlessness, merchants throwing thousands of gold and poor and cheap a handful of loess there is a man whose life is a miracle inspired by thousands of grass roots he lost his father when he was young and grew up as a single parent. Although he was taught by the great Confucianism, he was good at clothes and horses all his life my humble family is white and has fought hard in the army. With the help of my brother uncle, my life is full of ups and downs brotherly loyalty, iron horse bending bow, sword shining, ask, who does the river belong to intoxicated with red makeup, sleeping in a dream, climbing high to write poetry, look, which cloud is my day Group No.: 429629561

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