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Summon the eternal emperor of myth

Summon the eternal emperor of myth

Summon the eternal emperor of myth

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    Summon the eternal emperor of myth
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    Cute marinated eggs
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    Free Trial Novel
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2022-05-14 06:13:45
He crossed into the alien Kyushu and became a great Han Emperor. He came up to face the dilemma of subjugation. How can he break it Zhao Yuankai smiled steadily and felt that the problem was not big Chen Qingzhi, a Confucian general in white robes, said: "if you give your ministers seven thousand white robes, thousands of troops and horses will go to prison!" Zhao Zilong, who is full of courage, said: "give your ministers a good foal, seven in and seven out to kill national thieves!" Feng Lang Ju Xu Huo Qubing: "ask you to borrow it for another three years, and swing all the rivers and mountains in Xiliang!" ... when strong men rise in the frontier of Kyushu with an unprecedented new attitude, Zhao Yuankai lay drunk on the beauty's knee and smiled lazily: "this Kyushu is so big, I... Have to fight down and take a look!"

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