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Sage fish

Sage fish

Sage fish

Rating: 9 / 10 from 2681 ratings
  • Alternative names:

    Sage fish
  • Author:

    Wang Haibao
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  • Source:

    Lava Novel
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Role 1: a slave named fish. He has powerful skills, which is impossible to overcome. But because his identity is a humble slave, he never shows up and does not seek hegemony. He neither dared to love nor hate, but also had a weak character. When he was in trouble, like an ostrich, he only knew to hide blindly and escape blindly, but he was very feminine and began to fall in love one after another role 2: a famous young lady named snake. If there is a perfect woman in the world, it must be her. She is not only beautiful, but also has outstanding mind and management skills. She personally built her family into an invincible giant and ruled all living beings... But she and fish... role 3: General Xiong, a real man and an invincible man. Although the fish is very strong, the bear is not inferior to him role 4: Qiu Qinglong... role 5: Qiu Hu... role 6: Nightingale... (please see the full text for other roles) this work is about love and courage. This work is not so happy, full of helplessness and sadness. It is clear that lovers can get married, but... (the book is nearly one million words, divided into two volumes, and has been completed)

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