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The Royal beast starts with strange hunting

The Royal beast starts with strange hunting

The Royal beast starts with strange hunting

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    The Royal beast starts with strange hunting
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    Yidao bear
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    365 Books
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2022-06-20 12:05:21
Royal beast, evolution, system, cultivation, strange hunting [random version] through a world dominated by Royal beasts, Ling Tian got the golden finger unexpectedly [Lingshui horse] - [Shuiyun horse] - [Tianshui frost moon horse] I thought it was bug enough to see the evolution mode. Unexpectedly, there was a monster hunter with DLC in the system galloping like electric flying Thunder Dragon, forest mob manjaw dragon, king of the sky fire dragon...... "congratulations on your successful capture of monsters. The space for controlling monsters has been opened and you have won rewards: marrow washing pill, beast control contract volume, beast star and divine formula..." many years later, an old man held a fan and said with great respect: "The young master of Ling family was born with gods, and there were countless gods and beasts under him. The world collapsed in that war, which was called the dusk of gods in history!" [serious version] in the north of heaven, demons and beasts were rampant, and the human race was born with defects and could not cultivate independently. in the troubled years, the human race rose up against, refused to degenerate, and stayed for thousands of years, and finally found the opportunity to cultivate itself. "It's a gift from the gods to resist animals." corpses are everywhere, blood stains the earth, and Ling Tian stands on top of the exterminating dragon with a sword in his hand. "the world is suffering. Without the help of the gods, if there is a God in the sky, I will kill the gods!" all over the world and eight wastelands, surging with wind and clouds, and killing the wasteland of Liao. After thousands of dark ages, heroes gather together to protect the human family and rest until death. original title of the book Royal beast: opening contract dragon and beast

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