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Start with 100 million lives

Start with 100 million lives

Start with 100 million lives

Rating: 9 / 10 from 29244 ratings
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    Start with 100 million lives
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    Old four in the sky
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    Light Novel
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2022-05-14 20:59:15
Through the fantasy world, Jiang Cheng got 100 million lives at the beginning as long as you are killed, you can resurrect and gain the random ability to defeat each other from then on, what he expected was to be killed "Ding, the host is resurrected! Get all the strength of the other's father!" the emperor of a certain imperial dynasty: he's dead, but that's all Jiang Cheng is sting, the host resurrects and gains the blessing of ZuLong's power an immortal in the upper world: I thought Jiang city was so powerful that we didn't destroy it sting, the host is resurrected and the blood perfusion of the ancient Demon Lord is obtained saint of a holy land: right here sting, the host is resurrected, and you can obtain brother Cheng: if there is a limit on the number of times to be killed, I hope it will be 100 million times!

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