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Long Tang

Long Tang

Long Tang

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    Long Tang
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    Red lotus Suxin
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    Only Novel
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2022-12-09 20:04:47
Long Zhe, Xing Ye in the northern and Southern Dynasties, Gao Shun crossed the world and became the common son of Gao Changgong, the king of Lanling. He was not recorded in historical books. Familiar with history, he did not watch the king of Lanling die, but encouraged the king of Lanling to rebel the loyal king of Lanling was forced to protect himself and coerced the son of heaven to make the princes grow indecently and secretly, so as to gather strength and develop strength for himself fight against the imperial clan, defend against foreign enemies, take charge of the world and fight in all directions. Destroy the Northern Zhou Dynasty, destroy the Sui Yang, cover the southern Chen, and receive the Khitan. Use foreigners to control foreigners, check and balance Turks, replace the Sui Dynasty, develop in advance, and create a new Datang this book is also called little overlord of the Northern Qi Dynasty.

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