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Biography of medicine King monk

Biography of medicine King monk

Biography of medicine King monk

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    Biography of medicine King monk
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    Mr. Jiufeng, Li Jiu
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    Hot Read
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It belongs to God and devil novels. Half classical Chinese, half vernacular, chapter style romance novels doctors have the heart of parents, Buddhists have the heart of benevolence and virtue. They have committed three thousand evils in their previous lives and three thousand goodness in this life, and the positive results can only be achieved Volume 1 poem: I heard that Mitha was born this day. I said Mitha was a monk if you listen to the sound of wooden fish in the Buddha Hall, I will learn Qihuang with green lights it's ridiculous that men and women in the world are obsessed. It's better to go deep into the clouds it is said that there is really gold and silver in the world. I don't know the ferry people in front of the Buddha the heavenly maids scatter flowers to praise merit and virtue, shovel medicine and beat the spirit, and envy the moon E if you don't get anything after a long time, you won't know how many flowers fold until you look back.

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