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When you become an immortal

When you become an immortal

When you become an immortal

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    When you become an immortal
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    Moon dyed spring and Autumn
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    Hotel novel
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2022-05-14 04:00:44
At the beginning of Hongmeng, the universe is vast, but lifeless I don't know how many years later, a giant whale of the void emerged from the void and appeared on a vibrant blue planet. The shadow of the giant whale of the void shrouded the whole world there is a race living on the back of the empty whale, which is called the eternal Protoss after three months of discussion, the eternal Protoss finally reached an agreement and threw a liquid of life on the blue planet, which is the result of their research for countless years. Although they are called eternal Protoss by the outside world, they have never achieved real eternity, and this experiment is the key to the success of eternal Protoss in the eyes of the eternal Protoss people, a dazzling white light shines on the blue planet the whole blue planet suddenly turned into a white light as time flies, the life on the blue planet, with the help of the liquid of life, continues to integrate, evolve and advance, and finally has unpredictable consequences a group of gods who they call not subject to the destiny have appeared. The first of them are Fuxi and Nuwa

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