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I ve been trained into martial arts

I ve been trained into martial arts

I ve been trained into martial arts

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    I ve been trained into martial arts
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    It's really not Xu Xian
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    Wine Novel
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Su Jie has crossed into a world of immortal Xia. He has no spiritual roots and has mediocre martial arts qualifications. However, Su Jie found that he has the talent of [soul seal]. As long as the soul seal is implanted, he can become a part of him, whether animals or plants by practicing separately, Su Jie can gain benefits. With ease, he can practice martial arts to the level of [perfection] or even beyond the limit [ape demon Vajra fist]: cultivate ape demon Vajra body, which is invulnerable and has infinite power. It incarnates into the body of Vajra and overturns thousands of mountains [Tianchan magic skill]: Tianchan nine changes, breaks its cocoon into a butterfly, opens the door to life and death, and never dies [magic extreme Prajna dragon elephant skill]: awaken the magic power of martial arts, magic extreme Prajna. The power is endless. The wind and cloud turn pale and crush heaven and hell not only did Su Jie cultivate his martial arts to a level that was unprecedented before and after, but even his separation has become an existence that makes the world fear and praise the king of apes and demons, the Lord of the Bohai Sea and the tree of the world... Are all his parts Su Jie: there is still life against the sky, and there is no way to live against me!

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