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Hyperprimitive boundary

Hyperprimitive boundary

Hyperprimitive boundary

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    Hyperprimitive boundary
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    A thousand mouths for one person
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    Wine Novel
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2022-06-29 15:12:27
In the first year of the ancient calendar, the humanitarian order collapsed, and evil spirits and monsters ran rampant. Wherever there were more than one species, people would die within a ten mile radius. In order to avoid the disaster of killing animals, people had to move all over the country to the barren and barren land to survive< Br> in the ten years of the ancient calendar, in order to protect the relatives around us, to recapture their homes, and to lose everything, people have taken up their weapons and began to resist the killing of other ethnic groups. A single spark of fire can start a prairie fire< Br> over the past hundred years, there will be people who are extremely talented. They will strengthen their physique, practice their physique, create supreme divine skills, save people from fire and water, and eliminate powerful aliens. After that, a powerful country has been established, and people have lived a happy life< Br> until the emergence of teenagers

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