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True story of Pingwu

True story of Pingwu

True story of Pingwu

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    True story of Pingwu
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    No hesitation or loss
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    Day Books
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2022-07-05 00:55:28
Fivehundred years ago, the order of the world was uncertain, the four directions were in chaos, and the people were unable to make a living. Eight world overlords separated their territories. Occasionally, heroes were born, but they just died early. However, everything in the world was uncertain. The son of a landlord rose with the momentum of thunder, led his villagers to go to Qingye state, seize Shizhen state, take Youzhou, and allied with Lizhou to dominate the world. A year later, he led his troops to attack Yuezhou and Longzhou to attack Weizhou. When the people all over the world reacted, The world has come like a raging tide< Br> in the following year, Longzhou was established as the capital of the imperial city of Longzhou, and the country was founded in Datong. The etiquette and laws of the world were established, and the corvee was light and the taxes were light to make the world recuperate< Br> in less than three years, the world was unified. The legendary founder of the country was called tonggaozu by later generations< Br> however, our story starts from the end of Datong 500 years later. The world situation may be more mythical.

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