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Green sun

Green sun

Green sun

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    Green sun
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    Author msq8ku
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    Health Books
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2022-07-12 18:18:58
The 12-year-old boy accidentally had an overseas life support system and started a wonderful and inspirational life. He said that he was the first football teenager to go abroad for youth training, but he won the youngest go celebrity in history. Just to live up to the expectations of his neighbor's grandfather, he became friends with Berlusconi, and didn't want the other party to become his own boss in the blink of an eye. He experienced the glorious era of the Dutch Three Musketeers, witnessed the difficult growth of football, and led the national football team to win the Olympic medal, When he qualified for the world cup, he received the first pot of gold by coincidence, opened his personal wealth password, incarnated as a technology madman, and was also an entertainment tycoon. Sitting on the South African diamond, he turned around major leagues, achieved a brilliant green life, achieved the century Olympic Games in his late years, and made a perfect turn to acquire the football giants. He is the king of influence in Chinese football for three decades, and also a sports genius who has lived his life out of width. This is the green sun Kewen

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