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Rebirth at the end of the Han Dynasty

Rebirth at the end of the Han Dynasty

Rebirth at the end of the Han Dynasty

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    Rebirth at the end of the Han Dynasty
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    Li Hanqing
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    Wine Novel
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2023-02-02 06:25:52
Once through, it was the personal guard of the Shaodi in the late Han Dynasty. Unwilling to be eaten by others, Li Yi planned carefully and got the help of good officials and generals. He asked for a job in Hebei, dug the corner of Yuan Shao, went to Yanzhou to calm the bandits, and then robbed the virtuous Cao family. He was granted the title of Runan, calmed the remaining Party of yellow scarves, recruited soldiers and horses, gathered virtuous people, and broke Lv Bu under the tiger prison. The world was surprised. Enter Chang'an and get the most beautiful mink cicada; According to Wancheng, Liu Biao was forced to surrender to the city. Based on Jingzhou, he made progress in Xichuan and Hanzhong. He was divided into four parts of the world with northern Cao Cao, Jiangdong sun and Xuzhou Liu Bei. Shi renzheng and an Limin have gone through the rain of guns and arrows, fought in the battlefield, colluded vertically and horizontally, and schemed. Finally dominate the world, listen to the dynasty break the world in Luoyang palace, and the copper sparrow dream of drunk tenderness in Taichung.

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