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On the eve of the last year

On the eve of the last year

On the eve of the last year

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    On the eve of the last year
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    Ahuatian ice cream
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    People Books
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2022-09-18 16:20:03
What if all the monster volumes recorded in ancient times are true... in 2061 A.D., a natural disaster swept through the world. Three meteorites landed on this earth, bringing endless natural disasters tsunami, volcanic eruption, debris flow and plate collision make the earth vulnerable in this harsh environment. After the disaster relief, people found that monsters appeared on the earth the monster originally recorded in ancient books actually became a reality. The war soon started. The monster has this powerful physical quality and special ability. People fought bravely, and the blood and tears of the enemy and compatriots flowed on this vast land, just to hold the last line of defense people have built high walls, which have become a restricted area for human beings since around the Himalayas. At the same time, the monsters in the sea have also become a new crisis for mankind fortunately, this ancient country has a history of thousands of years, and the high-end scientific and technological level has become a weapon to protect mankind. In the land we love deeply, we have selected excellent people to join the national genetic transformation plan and become a new combat Department - a special Xiake unique to the East walk into this story with me.

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