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Junk food aid Shuhan

Junk food aid Shuhan

Junk food aid Shuhan

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    Junk food aid Shuhan
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    Wu laolang
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    Wine Novel
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2023-02-02 00:19:45
He chose the doomsday difficulty. Zhang Zhi was brought back to the last three Kingdoms era by the Keng father system and became the acting county magistrate of Wulian, a remote town. At this time, Liu Chan had surrendered to Cao Wei, Jiang Wei had died, and Huo Yi, who led the Shuhan army in southern China, also chose to surrender to Cao Wei. In China, only Wulian County with a population of less than 4000 was still flying the banner of the Great Han then the system gave Zhang Zhi a task that even immortals could not complete, that is, leading the Wulian Han Army to launch a counterattack, recapture the lost land of Shuhan, then make a northern expedition to the Central Plains, eliminate Cao Wei and Dongwu, and insert the banner of the Han army all over China again the task cannot be rejected. Once it fails, it will die immediately. The only help given to Zhang Zhi by Keng dad system is to give Zhang Zhi some junk food when Zhang Zhi randomly selected the junk food assisted by the system, he also selected the instant noodles with the least nutritional value!

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