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Epic game of the fourth scourge

Epic game of the fourth scourge

Epic game of the fourth scourge

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    Epic game of the fourth scourge
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    No war
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    The One Book
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2023-03-18 14:35:11
A virtual reality game called "paradise" quietly fires in the blue star Magic, technology, warships and star sea... once players cause some influential behavior, they will receive exclusive rewards titles and expertise to create their own extraordinary system ... immortal players are called immortal natural disasters "They are natural disasters, but that man is the first of them!" "the five color dragon almost died out because of him!" "he destroyed more than one overlord civilization!" The cosmic conference, the temples and the overlord civilization are all afraid of an existence. he greedily devours the flesh and blood of the five color dragon and eats the brain of the nightmare; he is a more ferocious existence than the devil. The evil Huang Tong never stops hunting, and the gods degenerate because of his name... sitting on the iron throne, anser's fleet is all over the world

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