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Into the Yongxi River

Into the Yongxi River

Into the Yongxi River

Rating: 9 / 10 from 8420 ratings
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    Into the Yongxi River
  • Author:

    Zhang Confucianism 14
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    Only Novel
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The story happened in the early years of the Republic of China. The loud troupe came to the stage of Yongxi Town, Dazu to sing. The troupe leader dared to accept him. He left a beggar and asked him to do chores in the troupe. The beggar's name was Liu Sheng. Liu Sheng cherished this hard won opportunity. After finishing his chores, he carefully watched his senior brothers and sisters sing on stage. Every morning, when the troupe practiced on the empty dam outside the inn, he secretly followed him. When he stole the play, he was seen by Master Yi daring. Yi daring was moved by his spirit of learning the play, so he taught him to sing the play. He studied the play very seriously with master. One day, Yongxi distillery, the ancestral home of Yan family, prepared a new wine. At the new wine tasting party of Yan family, merchants from all over the world came to taste the wine. In order to create an atmosphere, Yan family invited a loud troupe to the concert, but miss Yan asked Liu Sheng to sing on stage. Master Yan was no more than a girl, so he had to promise that today's protagonist must sing on stage. From then on, Liu Sheng began to sing on stage and became a famous actor. Later, the head of the troupe Yi died bravely, but Liu Sheng took the initiative to become the head of the troupe. He left Yongxi with the troupe to sing elsewhere, while Miss Yan gave up her family property and packed up and ran to think about Liu Sheng's departure. Housekeeper Li came in time with the servants of the Yan family, knelt down and begged Miss Yan to stay and asked her to keep the Yan family business well. Miss Yan could only hold her tears, Watching the troupe go away

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