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Pirate: copy talent from elbaff

Pirate: copy talent from elbaff

Pirate: copy talent from elbaff

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    Pirate: copy talent from elbaff
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    You wish to know
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2023-03-27 10:28:10
He came from the long river of time. Like Ashi, he was an ancient man 800 years ago across the long river of time, I came to elbaff decades ago and became the partner of young big mom in the "lamb house" establish a good relationship with Lingling, get intimacy value and copy each other's tough defense constitution like steel on that day, he left elbaf and met Ashi, who was able to bear the fruit of time in the long river of time, and robbed Yutian's wife many years later, Mary JOYA, he came again and made a big fuss here. He saved Boya Hankuk, the future empress imprisoned in Mary JOYA intimacy value can copy their talents. The higher the intimacy value, the stronger the ability to copy the beautiful girl of heaven [front row tip: with the help of peach, you will die!]

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