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Goblin sociology and others

Goblin sociology and others

Goblin sociology and others

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    Goblin sociology and others
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    Aged salted sugar
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    Sky Book
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2023-03-08 08:40:13
Dan van schhutten is the greatest goblin scholar (self styled) in history. He once wrote in his 18 page masterpiece the origin and racial criticism of goblin: goblin is undoubtedly one of the most vulgar, barbaric and uneducated races since the emergence of civilization. Perhaps only the legendary twisted and evil Beihai Fishman can be compared with its coarseness and dirtiness. Although they cunningly stole the language of humans and elves, and cut and grafted it into their own language with their simple but evil thinking. Although they show the form of settlement life and can make and use simple tools, this race undoubtedly does not have any ability to form a noble and mature social system. It is hard to believe that this race, like civilized and noble human beings, elegant and intellectual elves, wise and exquisite dwarves and heroic OKs, was born in the initial blessing of the goddess. If it were not for congenital defects, I am afraid that only pollution from the dark side of the universe can lead to one of the creation races becoming an abominable creature like gutter mice and rotten salted fish Ren Feifan said: This is nonsense!

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