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Fake pirate about silver

Fake pirate about silver

Fake pirate about silver

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    Fake pirate about silver
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    Li Jieshu
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    People Books
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2023-04-01 10:14:30
Now, the world has ushered in the era of big pirates ah Yin, the man who has become a natural roll after eating the roll fruit because of the sauce brewing - in order to solve all problems with money, he set sail and embarked on the journey of looking for the treasure of the pirate king "I'm a man who wants to be the king of all gold!" on the way, in order to find seven things similar to beads that can summon the dragon, he met a talented sailor and beautiful girl Nami - "here's your romantic ~" he also picked up a fish man who can't swim... and a panda man who is suspected to be a Kota trumpet, a blind sniper and a boatman who can't repair the ship, Confused Mermaid doctor and little pet chimera... they worked together to defeat the terrible demon king! After going through the "9981" difficulty, I got the Sutra (treasure) two years later... several people who met again in the shampoo islands finally, will take part in the world's first Moderate forbearance hero. Examination.......... [Note: it's purely personal novels. Don't enter!!!]

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